Indoor Digital Signage

Digital Signage is one of the fastest growing media internationally. It is a network of customized content that is managed remotely.       

It allows you to have your own communication channel directed at the specific audiences you want to talk to, and placed at any location where they wait. 
So it’s just like having your own TV channel!


Public Networks

Private Networks

Sponsored Networks​

The Public Network is a digital signage system that is installed in public locations displaying ads from various brands. Each client gets a 30 second window to advertise their product or service. The advertisement is run 5 times within the hour for the opening hours of the location.

For the Private Network solution, the content is exclusive and customised specifically for the client. The application is used to communicate new and existing products and services; soft messages such as acknowledgement for staff, special announcements or bulletins.

A Sponsored Network is similar to the Public Network. This digital signage system is also installed in public locations, but provides longer exposure time for each advertiser. This solution is limited to 3 brands with a minimum of 5minutes content per loop.

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