Outdoor Advertising

Our approach to outdoor advertising is to create functional or iconic solutions to get the biggest bang for your advertising budget.


Community Signs



Custom designed Community, Heritage, or Safety Signs are not only functional signage at the community level, but they also encourage an emotional connection with the brand.

Wallscapes are a dramatic way for brands to stand out. They are placed at eyelevel over a wide area and therefore become very memorable. Get creative with your Wallscapes theme or tell a compelling story!They also allow the brand to connect with the community in which they are placed.

Most of our billboards are designed to have high impact by adding custom features that make them stand out from your competition!

Mega Tri-media Boards


Iconic Branding

GMS combines size and motion with our 48’ x 16’ Mega Trimedias.These units are among the largest Trimedias in the region.

Our Monopole structures grab attention and suggest brand dominance!

We are specialists in making your brand have an iconic presence outdoor. Let's locate your brand where you will get attention by locals and visitors!

Backlit Tower

Ads On Vehicles

Large Format Printing

Get BIG IMPACT! day and night with our Backlit Tower . Give this 25' tall unit pride of place in your outdoor portfolio!

Route Buses and Cabs carry the brand message around the island and are a great complement to static outdoor signage. Routes may be chosen depending on the zones being targeted for your messages.

Global Media does in-house printing up to 10' wide banners!